Hi, my name is

Anastasiia Levytska

I’m copywriter for digital products

My professional voyage includes collaborating with innovative startups and industry giants alike, contributing her linguistic prowess to a wide range of projects – from mobile apps and e-commerce platforms to web applications and software interfaces.

My Principles

Welcome to My Principles section, the heart and soul of my copywriting philosophy.


User-centric approach

Always place the user at the forefront. Understand their needs, pain points, and motivations. Craft content that resonates with them and guides them seamlessly through the digital product experience.


Clarity and simplicity

In the digital world, simplicity is key. Write clear and concise copy that communicates complex ideas in an easily understandable manner. Avoid jargon and unnecessary technical language.


Consistency in voice and tone

Establish a consistent brand voice and tone that aligns with the digital product’s identity. Whether it’s formal, friendly, or casual, maintaining a consistent tone helps build trust and familiarity with users.


Highlighting benefits

Focus on the benefits and value propositions of the digital product. Explain how it can solve problems or improve the user’s life.


Scannability and readability

Use headings, bullet points, and concise paragraphs to make content easy to skim. Additionally, choose typography and layouts that enhance readability on various devices.


Call to action (CTA)

Every piece of content should lead to a clear CTA. Whether it’s signing up, downloading, subscribing, or purchasing, guide users towards the desired action.


Join me in this data-driven exploration, where every figure underscores the importance of words in driving success in the digital landscape.


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My Biography

Here, I invite you to journey through the pages of my life that have shaped me as a copywriter.

My journey began with a curiosity for the ever-evolving tech landscape. Armed with a degree in Sociology and several years of experience, I quickly established myself as a valuable asset in the digital product industry. When I’m not working, I like to read non-fiction literature, pick out the main points from there and try to use them in my life. I love mountains and coffee and adore art. Live in constant trying to express my creativity in texts.

My Education

I like to get new knoledge all the time, that’s why I have the Certificate of completion the copywriting course from MasterBundles.


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